Organized meetings


IAS 2023 – Dubrovnik, Croația


During the International Conference of the Sedimentology Association, Dubrovnik, Croatia June 12-16, 2023, the director of this project organized a special session on the topic of the PCE – OCEANROC project.

Special session IGCP – The Mesozoic-Paleogene Hyperthermal Events (Evenimentele hipertermale mezozoice-paleogene)

In this session, led by the director of this project, Dr. Mihaela Melinte-Dobrinescu and Prof. Xiumian Hu from Nanjing University (China), detailed studies of the Global Anoxic Events from Europe, Asia and America, where topics related to hyperthermal events from the Mesozoic-Paleogene interval were discussed, the participants being from various countries around the world, Romania, China, France, South Korea, Spain, Holland, Mexico, etc.


The XIVth International Symposium of Romanian Society of Palaeontologists, București – 12-18 septembrie 2023


In this project, together with the Paleontological Society of Romania and the University of Bucharest, the 14th International Symposium of the Society of Paleontologists of Romania, which took place in Bucharest, was co-organized. There were 82 participants from over 10 countries, e.g. Romania, United States of America, Cuba, Colombia, Turkey, France, Spain, Great Britain, China, South Korea, Croatia, Ukraine, Denmark, Republic of Moldova and Switzerland.

During the International Symposium of the Society of Paleontologists from Romania, a special session was organized on the topic of the PNIII-PCE-OCEANROC Cretaceous Anoxic Events and Palaeooceanography project, which was led by Dr. Mihaela Melinte-Dobrinescu, the director of this project, and by Prof. Florentin Maurrasse, from the University of Miami (USA).

In this session, presentations related to Cretaceous Global Anoxic Events were given by:




Also within this symposium, Dr. Mihaela Melinte - Dobrinescu, together with Prof. Dr. Relu-Dumitru Roban, organized a field trip to the Carpathian bend area, focused on the Cretaceous deposits located in the Prahova Valley. This trip had the purpose of presenting some successions from Romania that contain OAEs (Oceanic Anoxic Events) to specialists from the country and from abroad (USA, Cuba and China).


North Dobrogea BSC of AAPG Field Trip


A field application took place between 8-10th of October 2021 in Northern Dobrogea, led by researchers from INCD GeoEcoMar and professors from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, in the frame of AAPG Bucharest Student Chapter.

The participants examined in the field various sites, including mid Cretaceous ones, spanning the interval of several OAEs.



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